Development Strategy

Enhancement Products

FTP’s portfolio of Enhancement Products comprises products for treatment of gender health and treatments for acute and chronic muscle pain.

Four of the products are optimised formulations of approved drugs in their existing, approved indications. The FTP formulations utilise existing components but improve product performance and patient acceptability; thereby providing the opportunity to enhance or revitalise a brand through enhanced market penetration.

There are currently four products in the Enhancement Product portfolio. All are aimed at global markets with substantial existing patient populations and all products and their associated intellectual property are owned by FTP. The products are also likely to be indicated for chronic use which translates into significant commercial potential.

Examples of Enhancement Products are:

FTP212- for the treatment of bladder pain

Current anaesthetic uptake in the bladder is variable and almost always inadequate. Difficulties are encountered because of painful/difficult delivery to the site, inability to keep the drug at the site and poor absorption of the drug. FTP212 has a novel and proprietary enhanced formulation with easy to administer packaging which will make the drug component more effective than its current prescribed forms for treating chronic bladder pain.

The product will be licensed upon completion of the Phase II proof of concept study.


FTP218 - re-formulation of a muscle relaxant drug

The mechanism of action of this drug makes it ideally suited for use in muscle related pain syndromes. FTP has reformulated the drug both as a more effective and safer oral agent which could reach the market rapidly in the USA under an FDA 505(b)2 route and also as a topical cream which, due to its local administration, can be applied at a lower dose, thereby circumvent side effect risks and achieving broader product utilisation.

The initial target indications for the topical formulation are likely to be for treatment of whiplash and restless leg syndrome.

Details of the other two Enhancement Product projects are available in the business plan.