Development Strategy


The existing global market opportunity for Fast Track Pharma's product portfolio is in excess of £2.5 billion annually.

Revenues will be generated in the first 12 months from product sales and the Company will achieve substantial value inflection points by licensing its development pipeline to pharmaceutical partners.

FTP has created a model that separates the product portfolio into three different development groups:

  • Near-market products
  • Enhancement products
  • Optimisation products

These projects offer a combination of near-term revenues and medium-term, high value licensing income which, when combined with an investment structure that is unique to the sector, offers a differentiated business model devised through the collective experience of the Directors.

Product Development Strategy for Enhancement and Optimisation Products

FTP lowers the risk and lead time of product development while maintaining the potential rewards of what is traditionally seen as a high stakes, high risk investment opportunity.

FTP has identified multiple drugs and devices whose performance can be enhanced in their existing, approved clinical indications thereby eliminating the need for lengthy and risky clinical trials.

The performance enhancement for these products is derived by optimizing their formulation and delivery, which in turn can create value enhancing intellectual property thus making the product a valuable addition to a licensee's product portfolio.

The benefits of FTP's product enhancement and optimization can be demonstrated through short, low cost clinical studies.